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Samuel S. Weitz started his federal law enforcement career in 1983 as a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration assigned to Southern Florida.  During that time the “war on drugs” was in full swing.  It was not uncommon for his investigations to result in multi-ton seizures of marijuana and cocaine.  While employed as a Special Agent in South Florida, Mr. Weitz earned his Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice at Florida International University, Miami in August 1994.    He subsequently accepted employment with the U.S. Customs Service as a Senior Special Agent.  There he conducted follow-up investigations on multi-ton amounts of illegal drugs being smuggled into South Florida via the southern Florida waterways.  


Mr. Weitz served a 3 year tour of duty at the Customs Headquarters, Washington D.C.  During his 26 year career, he also served as an Internal Affairs Special Agent for 3 years in Florida and Georgia.  


Mr. Weitz served in Haiti for 30 days participating with DEA on an Operation.  He also conducted a large scale cocaine smuggling investigation in Santo Domingo, which led to the seizure of 420 pounds of cocaine (largest seizure in Santo Domingo at the time) destined for the United States. 


In November 2002, the Customs Service Special Agents became part of Homeland Security through a mass agency merger and assumed the duty and title of a Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agent.  


Mr. Weitz opened the first Homeland Security Office in October 2002 along the Montana/Canada Northwest border.  After 2 years in this assignment he was promoted to Assistant Special Agent in Charge-Homeland Security in Seattle, Washington in October 2004.  


Mr. Weitz retired from federal law enforcement on January 2nd, 2009, as the political correctness in enforcing our country’s federal illegal alien laws became ever apparent thus “handcuffing” him from leading his Agents in fulfilling their obligation to identify, investigate and arrest illegal aliens.  When the political correctness and lack of commitment from ICE management took over in lieu of the Agents dedication and sworn duty to enforce our federal immigrations laws, Mr. Weitz left federal law enforcement service.  

"If your interested in having Mr. Weitz speak in an open and honest format regarding those supporting Sanctuary Polices (and the results of such) of Illegal Aliens, from the perspective of one who has experienced not only the enforcement of federal immigration laws...but the political struggles of trying to manage Agents tasked with enforcing the immigration laws, please complete the Contact Request page."

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